Changing something has simple as your diet can have a major impact on your life and even your lifespan. What you put in your mouth, what you consume, will eventually become you.

Ever heard of that phrase “You are what you eat”? That isn’t just something used to motivate you to get to the gym in the mornings.

Vegan diets are one of the diets believed to make you healthier overnight. A vegan is one who refrains from eating meat and anything that is derived from an animal. This includes dairy products and eggs. People who are vegan often support animal rights and they see themselves as the voice of the voiceless, standing up for creatures who also have a right to live.

Vegan diets are become a fast growing trend and people believe that it is the only healthy way of life. Some might even say that it is the secret to longevity and rejuvenation. Others say that it can’t ever be sustainable, because you don’t get all the nutrients you need.

Luckily, for vegans there are many types of foods that can be replaced by soy products and such sorts. So what exactly are the benefits of a vegan diet?

1. It is more nutritious

Going vegan basically means going organic when it comes to your diet. Many vegans grow their own gardens where they plant vegetables and fruit, and they might even plant their own wheats and grains! These foods are filled necessary vitamins and minerals like healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium that help with the digestive process and to restore the pH balance in the body.

2. It can help prevent diseases

Studies have shown that going vegan has, in fact, increased the lifespan of some people by preventing a number of harmful diseases. Eating nuts and wholegrains can prevent things like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Different types of cancer have also been kept at bay as well as joint diseases like arthritis.

3. It increases the physique

The vegan diet only contains healthy fats so you will notice a change in your weight which will in turn affect your BMI. With the weight loss, you will have more energy to face each day. It can help you with clearer skin, healthy nails and hair, as well as regulating bad breath and body odour. Women who have switched to a vegan diet claim that their PMS symptoms have decreased and they have less migraines.

4. It eliminates toxins in certain foods

The food others eat might have the necessary nutrients, but they aren’t necessarily healthy.

For example, in non-vegan food the protein comes from animal fat, whereas in a vegan diet the protein will come from a healthier source: nuts and beans. Animal fat protein might cause digestive problems in many people and could even lead to salmonella poisoning.

5. It increases the care for the environment

By eating healthy and by taking food from the Earth itself, you will be helping take care of the environment. You will be saving thousands of animals who are hunted just for the sake of meat and by growing your own vegetables you’ll be using less resources that may be harmful to the environment.