The gluten-free lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular in the United States of America as more people are becoming health conscious. Many people choose to cut gluten out of their diets due to the fact that their bodies do not always gel well with it. Others cut gluten out because they find that it clashes with the other food types in their diets. Whatever the reason, you do not have to live a boring lifestyle just because you have cut out gluten. You can still eat delicious meals and have yummy drinks, and best of all: there are many gluten free restaurants in the country. Here are the best ones!

Tempo Scratch

Standing proudly in the heart of Massachusetts is Tempo Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails. This is where people in Boston and the surrounding areas can come for an upscale meal whilst enjoying a calm, serene environment. This restaurant serves some of the best gluten free food and specialises in seafood dishes. They also stock a wonderful selection of drinks at the bar that are guaranteed to be gluten free for you to enjoy. The great thing about this place is that it doesn’t only cater for those who go on the occasional granola trip, but for everyone. It has the freshest vegetables and the most delectable fruits anytime of the year.

Canyon Breeze

The humble town of Ivins in Utah plays hosts to this glorious restaurant that is located at the Red Mountain Resort. It aims to show people that healthy living and gluten free lifestyles do not have to be boring, bland, or pedantic in any way. They are keen to experiment with daring dishes in order to create a wonderful taste sensation that is packed with energy. People who exercise strenuously regularly visit this place for a little pick-me- up after their daily sessions.

Café Gratitude

This is where swank meets suave in Los Angeles, California. Café Gratitude shows exactly what the name says – gratitude. They take almost everything they can from nature in order to bring you a very sophisticated gluten-free experience. Dig into gluten free pasta, bread, and even beer! They aim to produce only the freshest meals to tickle your taste buds. Those living in Kansas City can look out for this café in the area, too.

Christopher’s Kitchen

When you think of Florida you think palm trees, blue beaches, white sands, hot sun, and the best tropical climate on the planet. Obviously it needs a restaurant to go with it! Floridians can take the day off and relax in Christopher’s Kitchen where they can get some refreshment the gluten-free way. Submerge yourself in coconut-based treats and cool cooldrinks to cool you off from the scorching sun. All their ingredients are 100% organic.


Absolutely free of processed foods and inorganic material is what Truce is all about. Located in Minneapolis, this is one of the most popular gluten-free juice bars in the country. Sip slowly on their delicious fruit smoothies or dig into a refreshing salad, topped with almonds.

It is the perfect way to start you day!